50 Excellent Yoga Moves to Cure Any Kind of Pain or Problem

Yoga is widely known for being a gentle, but effective workout tool. Yoga can also help ease everyday aches and pains to keep you from visiting the doctor numerous times a year. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Research yoga’s benefits by reading a few articles to get yourself familiarized with the lifestyle and how it can help you. Below you’ll find a list of popular and pain-killing yoga moves that won’t bend you into a pretzel as well as breathing techniques to supplement your yoga routine. By using both methods, you’ll maximize the benefits of yoga techniques and help keep your body healthier and knot free.

Back and Neck

    1. Cat to Cow Pose – You may feel a little silly at first in the cat to cow pose, but this yoga move will loosen up the muscles in your back very well. It’s a great, easy starting point.
    2. Reverse Triangle Pose – Place your feet flat on the floor about three feet apart facing left. Bring your torso down to your front knee. Place your right arm across the opposite knee and bring your other arm up parallel with your supportive hand. Switch and repeat.
    3. Bow Pose
    4. Warrior One Pose – No swords needed.
    5. Warrior Two Pose – Warrior Two pose is identical to Warrior One pose except you must extend your arms out to the sides of your body and twist your spine in a counterclockwise position so your arms are parallel with your legs.
    6. Warrior Three Pose – Warrior Three pose is the most difficult of the Warrior pose series.
    7. Camel Pose
    8. Downward Facing Dog – The goal of the downward facing dog pose is to get your feet flat on the floor while maintaining the posture.
    9. Supine spinal twist – Start the supine spinal twist by laying down and extending your knees to one side. Then turn your upper body in the opposite direction gently. Don’t force this pose if your have extreme back problems.
    10. Upward Facing Dog – You’ll definitely feel this in your chest the next day.
    11. Locust Pose
    12. Triangle Pose – There are several variations of a triangle pose. Start with the most basic, an extended triangle pose. If you feel comfortable, move on to a revolved triangle pose.
    13. Sphinx Pose
    14. Neutral Spine – Neutral Spine position is very easy and relaxing. It’s not designed to strain the back, but only to find the most natural position of a person’s spine.
    15. Cobra Pose – This pose is used to enhance spine flexibility and open the chest.
    16. Wheel Pose – This is somewhat advanced. Please do not force your body into any positions it’s not ready for.
    17. Fish Pose
    18. Side Angle Pose – Not only will this yoga pose help strengthen and relieve pain in your back, but it will tone up your thighs and glutes.
    19. Supported Bridge Pose – This pose is great for prenatal exercise. You’ll need a yoga block for the support. If you don’t need extra support try a standard bridge pose.

Legs and Hamstrings

    20. Reclining Bent Knee Twist – This twist move will open the hips and chest.
    21. Supported Standing Wide Leg Forward Bend
    22. Side Reclining Leg Lift – This move can also be done with a strap. You can use a lot of household items as a quick substitute for a yoga strap. Try a towel, a trash bag, a t-shirt, a scarf or a belt instead.
    23. Standing Forward Bend – Stand up straight with your feet together. Swan dive down and hold the back of your calves bringing your chest to your legs as closely as comfortable.
    24. Pelvic Tilt – Lay on the floor with your knees up and feet flat on the floor. Gently lift your pelvic area up a few inches above the ground by pushing down through your feet. Support your body using your abdomen and legs rather than your neck and shoulders.
    25. Extended Side Angle Pose
    26. Eagle Pose – This standing pose will build strength in your legs, hips and core.
    27. Downward Dog at the Wall – The downward dog pose is as simple as forming a right angle against the wall with your arms touching the wall and your feet together. Make sure your feet are positioned about three feet away from the base of the wall. With practice you’ll be able to move your arms further down the wall without strain.
    28. Tree Pose
    29. Knees to the Heart Pose – Lie on your back and bring your knees in to your chest. Place your hands around your shins and pull your legs closer to your chest and neck gently. Release.
    30. Boat Pose – You may want to turn the volume up for the soft-spoken yoga teacher. Be sure you don’t choose a relaxation pose after this one because you may fall asleep from relaxation.
    31. Opposite Arms and Leg Lift – Lay flat on your yoga mat and scissor your arms and legs simultaneously using your core to anchor your body and control the movement.
    32. Pigeon Pose – You don’t have to be in a park to try this pose.
    33. Forehead to Knee Pose – Lay flat on the yoga mat. Bring your left leg up to form a 90-degree angle. Pull your left leg to your chest with your hands on your shins for support. Hold for six breaths and release your leg slowly to the mat. Switch to the right leg and repeat.

Arms, Shoulders and Core

    34. Clock Pose – Learn how to do the clock pose with this free video on eHow.com.
    35. Arms Overhead with Strap
    36. Garland Pose – Hold this pose for up to one minute while breathing in and out of your nose. Be sure that both of your feet are completely flat on the floor to get the maximum benefits of the stretch.
    37. Supported Shoulder Stand – Remember doing this when you were a kid?
    38. Crescent Moon Pose
    39. Lion Pose - The lion pose will gently stretch the diaphragm, knees, abdomen, chest, hands and fingers. Don’t be afraid to let out a little roar when no one is home.
    40. Palm Tree Pose
    41. Happy Baby Pose – Lay flat on your back and bring your feet up to your hands so that you touch your toes.
    42. Plank Position – This move is a reinvented push up that will whip your core into shape.
    43. Reclining Hero Pose – This yoga pose is believed to help relieve asthma symptoms, digestive problems and other ailments.
    44. Mountain Pose – Even though you’d think tensing your body wouldn’t lead to stress relief, the mountain pose encourages deeper relaxation by tensing the whole body and releasing.

Relaxation Poses

    45. Child’s Pose Start your yoga routine with this easy stretch. Child’s pose is also a good pose to do when you need a break.
    46. Savasana, Rest Pose This pose is also known as corpse pose. Think dead man’s float.
    47. Crocodile Pose
    48. Legs Against the Wall Pose – Place your bottom against the base of a wall and stretch your legs straight up the wall while your body lies on the floor flat. To deepen this relaxing pose, try brining the backs of your knees closer to the wall gradually.
    49. Supta Padangusthana or Reclined Big Toe Pose – This relaxation pose is also great for backaches because it stretches your hamstrings and spinal area.
    50. Lotus Position According to About.com, the lotus pose is the most recognized pose outside of yoga.

Try these breathing techniques to also improve your pains and aches. The breathing asanas work well with all the yoga poses listing above. Try a stretching pose and a relief pose while using the breathing exercises at the same time as a set.