50 Best Meditation Blogs

With the frantic pace and demands of modern day life, many people are feeling more and more stressed. With not enough hours in the day, who has the time to go to a class or hire an instructor? However, not taking the time to deal with stress can lead to serious problems. So why not take ten or fifteen minutes a day to address your mental and spiritual health?

With the help of the below 50 best meditation blogs, you can learn how to breath, relax, and even think on a whole new level.

Best Meditation Blogs

These blogs offer regular and useful help on starting, continuing, or perfecting the art of meditation.

    filetransit1. Free Meditation : Get entries on meditation from all over the web here. You can choose to view by most recent, for beginners, and most viewed. You can even post your own writing here.

    2. Meditation is Easy : Learn how to solve life’s problems with this meditation blog. Useful entries include learn instant meditation, techniques, and tips for a stress free life. There is also information on yoga and self-help.

    3. Meditation Oasis : Categories on this blog range from anxiety to visualization. A recent post showed how taking a mini break can help. Be sure and visit the main site for loads more.

    4. Wildmind : Get Buddhist meditation help in this blog. Auntie Suvanna gives loads of tips and news for the meditation minded. They even offer online courses with personal attention.

    5. Learning Modern Meditation : This is a mini guide about meditation. Use it to keep up to date with easy meditation techniques, stress reduction, and research. They offer guides on easy techniques, everyday meditation, and more.

    6. Your Best Meditation : This blog offers a six week class on how to meditate. Everything from astral projection to weight loss is discussed. Be sure and watch the introductory video to see common meditation mistakes.

    7. Mastery of Meditation : Anmol Mehta offers various meditation resources, including this blog. Hot posts include how to meditate, best free yoga poses, and techniques. They also have a list of top products, as well as other resources.

    8. The Atma Jyoti Blog : This blog is a service of Atma Jyoti Ashram, which is located in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. It is dedicated to living the traditional Hindu monastic life. Blog entries are on meditation and being a practical spiritual life resource.

    9. The Meditation Blog : Stop here for an examination of research, experience, and theory of meditation. Meditation practice, including pranayama, is shown. The latest entry is on meditating with a candle.

    10. Yoga and Meditation Blog : Get both meditation and yoga on this blog. Labels are on techniques, yoga, and others.

Best Discontinued Meditation Blogs

Although no longer active, you can still find help in these meditation blogs.

    thecompounder11. Meditation Blog : This blog is an excellent stop to get started in meditation. You can also get answers on how and when to meditate. There are also exercises and resources for teachers.

    12. Meditation Blog : No relation to the above, this blog focuses on articles, news, and information. Categories include culture, health, science, and various. The last entry was on a double triptych.

    13. Meditation DNA : Try the 30 day challenge when visiting this blog. They also have other tips and techniques on meditation. You can even choose entries by focus, chakra, qi, brainwave, and vocal type.

    14. Meditation Blogger : If you seek self enlightenment, stop here. Richard Latham is the Producer and Script Writer for Meditainment Ltd. And host for this blog. He also has links to meditation downloads and CDs.

    15. Meditation Center Blog : This blog takes the time to answer questions from readers and those with a meditation problem. Send yours in to Jim Malloy to see if he knows the answer.

Best Meditation Sites

Get more help on meditation with these sites.

    100musicalfootsteps16. Free Meditation : In addition to the articles, you can also get tons of meditation resources. They have free classes and tools for online meditation. They also offer ten reasons to try Sahaja yoga and twelve tips for meditation.

    17. My Yoga Online : This site has a special section for meditation. Guides include health benefits, making a space, and how to start. There are also resources for those who enjoy yoga or Pilates.

    18. Learning Meditation : This meditation website was named Best of the Web by “Forbes” magazine. Options include learning to relax, a meditation room, suggested reading, and more. They also have a shop and recommended reading.

    19. Synchronicity : The Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality is located in Virginia. You can learn more about various retreats or listen to clip on meditation from Master Charles Cannon.

    20. Meditation Station : Everyone from beginners to advanced can find meditation help here. The official site of the Meditation Society of America, they have valuable information on techniques and concepts from all over the world. There is also a message board and other tools.

    21. Active Stream : Learn the art of being through meditation here. Choose from the basic chakra, breathing, dark matter, and others. You can also get help for dreams and visual art.

    22. ACEM Meditation : This site is a non-religious mindful technique for relaxation and personal growth developed by psychologists and medical doctors. A non-profit organization, they offer courses on ACEM meditation. You can also get free news from them.

    23. Anmol Mehta : Learn a mastery of meditation, yoga, and Zen here. With over three million hits, they even offer a meditation certification program. You can also get free books and online classes.

    24. Sound Sleeping : If you need some music to accompany your meditation, visit here. The tool allows you to select music and up to four different sounds. Also useful if you need help sleeping.

Best Meditation Like Blogs

Although not dedicated exclusively to meditation, these blogs still have help.

    25. Holistic Healing : Phylameana Lila Desy is your guide to all things holistic on this blog from About.com. Must reads include ten ways to grow your spirit and aligning your chakras. She also has daily and monthly affirmations, along with how to write your own.

    26. Zen Habits : If your workplace is the reason you need to meditate, have a look at this blog. It can give you tips for simple productivity with a Zen frame of mind. Posts are on everything from writing exercises to resting.

    27. Becoming a Minimalist : A family of four from Vermont share adventures of living with as few material possessions as possible. Must reads include seven guiding principles to help anyone declutter their home and life. You can also learn the benefits of minimalism and share your own story.

    28. Adventures of a Barefoot Geek : Be sure to read the post on effortless living on this blog. David writes about how to achieve peace of mind, mobility and simplicity – all mixed in with some good old’ fashioned geekery. Other popular entries include the minimalist’s guide to a jail broken iPhone and decluttering your brain waves.

    29. Awakening Sense : This blog’s tagline is “about waking up form life’s dream to awakening’s pull.” See what that truly means by having a look at the blog. Categories include dismantling, expectation, impressions, and others.

    30. Ursi’s Eso Garden : Get a complete esoteric guide with this blog. In addition to entries on everything Zen, you can get live music and another related blog.

    31. The Zennist : Resources on this blog include Korean Zen, Buddhism news, and even an “Indopedia.” Recent entries were on teaching and a quest without words.

    32. The Mind Tech Blog : Stop here for ancient and modern mind changing technologies. New technologies and traditional practice are discussed.

    33. The Consciousness Blog : This blog integrates ideas from science, philosophy, and mysticism. Categories include everything from consciousness to scientific data. A recent entry was on the Theory of Everything.

    34. Mind Expanding Blog : There are sections on the human mind, teasers, and self-development on this blog. Recent entries are on sleep cycles and studying techniques.

Best Meditation Tools

Use the web to help in your meditation quest by stopping by the below.

    35. Zencast : This leading podcast has loads of meditation timers, guided meditations, and even walking meditations to help you. There are over 250 episodes and counting to fill hours with Zen. They also have featured talks and classes.

    36. Anmol Mehta : A top blogger, they also have their own channel on YouTube. Thousands of subscribers have signed up for free meditation and yoga videos. Entries help you build up everything from mind to body.

    37. TM Program : The Transcendental Meditation Program was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Visit the site to learn the technique, reasons, facts, and benefits. They also contain the latest news in meditation.

    38. How to Meditate : This site is an excellent place for beginners to learn how to meditate. Choose from breathing, transforming, or other meditations. They also offer a guided CD for beginners.

    39. Vipassana Meditation : This means to see things as they really are and is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. The site shows you how and is taught by S.N. Goenka. Learn more with a visit.

    40. Silent Mind Meditation Program : Stop here to get this free eBook on meditation. Free chapters are on daily practice, yoga, and many more. There are also related articles available with a click.

    41. Light Shift 2000 : Stop here to get an online meditation. Simply scroll down to begin. Other languages are also available.

    42. Free Tarot Card Readings : If you want to see what they cards have to say about you, start here. Over 22 million visitors have had this free tarot reading. You can also chat live or join the open lounge.

Best Meditation Communities

Meet like-minded people interested in meditation on these online communities.

    43. Belief.net : No matter your spiritual beliefs, from the most dogmatic to atheistic, there is something for your mind in this online community. Choose to meet other Buddhists, Hindus, holistic, or host of other religions on one site. They also have inspiration, featured bloggers, prayers, and much more.

    44. Elephant Journal : Discuss meditation, yoga, sustainability, and politics on this site. A wide variety of topics include the arts, education, money, and many others. Be sure to check out the most viewed for the best in the community.

    45. Meditation Center : The Online Meditation Center is a user-friendly site, created to provide clear, easy, concise meditation instruction to people everywhere. There is a CD room, Q & A room, and many others. Be sure to check out the meditation quote of the week while you’re there.

    46. World Community for Christian Meditation : Because Christians meditate too, check out this community. There are publications and even guides for meditating with children or students. They also have audio and video tools.

    47. Healing Space : If you live in the United Kingdom, this is the online social network for you. They have a spiritual meeting group that occurs on a weekly basis. There is also a notice board and articles to help you in your meditation.

    48. Buddhanet : Learn all you ever wanted to know about Buddhism by stopping here. Choose from the online magazine, directory, and audio collection. The library is full of free eBooks to help you even more.

    49. Project Meditation : Visit here to begin reading posts. Join to post your own or reply to one that interests you. Topics include the law of attraction, chatter box, and others.

    50. Meditation Community : The purpose of this online meditation community is to help you awaken. In addition to the community, you can also get resources, the path to peace, and loving-kindness.

Whether looking to distress from a rough day or change your frame of life, there is loads of help on the 50 best meditation blogs. If experiencing a serious ailment or mental illness, please consult a licensed physician.