50 Best Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

With the success of both “Karate Kid” movies, it is inevitable that more will follow in their trail. And with it comes a renewed interest in the martial arts, particularly karate. But with all sorts of classes for people of all sorts of levels and all sorts of financial means, finding the one that’s right for you can be difficult.

That’s where we come in. To help, we have collected the 50 best karate bloggers you can learn from. From what to look for in a teacher to what you can learn at home, they offer it all. There are even a few that branch out to other martial arts and popular forms of fighting.

Best Teacher Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

These blogs contain lessons from those who actually teach karate.

    1. Karate-Do : Andre Bertel is a New Zealander based in Japan who has a sixth degree black belt. His blog and teachings are dedicated to his late sensei Asai Tetsuhiko. The blog includes innovations discovered and learned through his journey.
    2. Ikigai : This blog stands out for “blogging the martial way.” Matthew Apsokardu has been a student of karate for 14 years and has taught for eight years. In addition to the blog entries, there are also eBooks and special sections on the martial arts.
    3. Just A Thought : Visit for the blog of both a student and instructor of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kubudo. Michele has been active in karate for 18 years until an ACL tear. Featured posts include 10 signs of martial arts getting older and a first self defense class.
    4. Mokuren Dojo : This dojo is located in Southwest Mississippi. In addition to karate, they also teach aikido and judo. Along with blog entries, they have articles that specialize in one of the three martial arts.
    5. Martial Arts Blog Bulletin : This is the blog for Martial Arts World Champion Clint Cora. It covers health, fitness, diet, stress management, travel, dealing with people, learning for success and more. You can also click to his main site or many other useful links.
    6. Selby Shokotan Karate Club : This traditional school is located in North Yorkshire, England. Many of the students are children and it is an excellent karate blog for them to learn from. Sections include a diary, gallery, karate tutorials, and more.
    7. Training with Sandman : Stop here for serious karate training. Sandman dedicates his blog to strength and conditioning training for full contact fighting and focuses on Jissen karate. Also a good choice for non-fighters.
    8. Martial Arts and Modern Life : Daniel is a karate instructor living in Melbourne, Australia. He learned Jiu-Jitsu and judo in 1993 and began teaching on his own in 2005. A plus to the blog is that there is link allowing you to read the entire thing like a book.

Best Student Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

These blogs are from karate students just like you and can also be learned from.

    9. The Dojo : This student is practicing Shotokan karate and has practiced many other forms. Many items of karate interest are gathered here. You can also choose to learn about famous masters, culture, and more.
    10. Martial Development : Chris H. is from Seattle and has studied karate for several years. His blog aims to share an interest in the practices and discuss the health benefits. Popular articles include karate porn and Robert Downey, Jr.
    11. Black Belt Mama : This mother makes karate more than just a hobby. After an injury nearly ended it all, she returned to both karate and blogging. Categories range from ACL hell to work it out.
    12. Karate Thoughts : Charles C. Goodin is a karate researcher and writer, and the head of the Hawaii Karate Museum. The blog contains his personal thoughts. Topics are on karate, daily life, and more.
    13. Going My Way : Mireile Clark has seven children and has aptly named her blog. Whit the heights of a Sensei, she still studies Kyokushin karate and loves Kata. Blog entries usually focus on what she is up to.
    14. Tales of a Mommy Kareteka : Somaserious is a mom, wife, and martial artist. While spending her days as a massage therapist, she has spent the last eleven years studying Koro Ken karate and is just beginning to make sense of it all. See why in the blog.
    15. My Journey to Black Belt : Sue C has been a karate student since 2007. She is currently on brown belt and studying Shukokai. Read more about her journey to a black belt in this blog.
    16. Middle Aged Martial Artist : Bob is middle aged and still going strong in learning karate. At age 54, he lives in New York where he was injured on his journey to a black belt. Learn how he bounced back and more here.
    17. Cookie Family Karate : Get karate learning for the whole family here. Tales of highs and lows for the Cookie family are shared here. The latest was a video on the Kiai attack.

Best Martial Arts Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

These blogs specialize in karate and beyond.

    18. The Way of Least Resistance : Professional writer Dan Djurdjevic writes on martial arts and related disciplines. He also studies karate, kobudo, arnis, and Shaolin forms. Visit to learn the latest goings on in karate.
    19. Marks Training : Stop here for fighting and training methods for unarmed martial arts Popular topics include self defense, the squat, and an elbow strike. There are also videos on the steps.
    20. Real Taijquan : This martial art is dedicated to healing. You can read lessons, courses, and a special section on the big idea. A recent blog post was on dignity.
    21. Memoirs of a Grasshopper : Ever wanted to just move to Japan so you could study karate full time? This is the blog of someone who did just that. After six months, the blogger shares his experiences and lessons.
    22. My Self Defense Blog : John Zimmer has practiced karate since the age of ten. He has competed in tournaments while spending his nights as a bar bouncer. The blog usually contains thoughts on karate, boxing, and many other forms of self defense.
    23. Striking Thoughts : Visit for an eclectic blog on martial arts, politics, and more. Bob often reviews books, videos, and more on related topics. Top posts are on Jean Claude Van Damme vs. Steven Seagal and the Deadliest Warrior.
    24. Dojo Rat : This blogger lives on an island off the coast of Washington State. Blogging topics include the martial arts, political thoughts, and everything in between. He also includes videos on karate you can learn from.

Best Discontinued Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

Although they haven’t blogged in a while, there are still things to be learned from these karate blogs.

    25. Gone With the Toe : Although he has nine toes, Frotoe has still achieved the rank of Shodan in Okinanwan Shorin-Ryu Shidokan karate. He has even already set his next goal.
    26. Karate Talk : A practitioner of Shotokan karate shares personal experiences in the martial arts. In a twist of irony, the final post was on karate karma.
    27. Martial Views : John Vesia may not be done blogging, but he can go months in between entries. His background is in Isshinryu karate. Topics include martial arts, philosophy, and the art of living.
    28. Confessions of a Blue Chair Karateka : Amber chronicles her journey in the art of Shotokan karate. Her challenge is to do 20 pushups every morning, run kata at least three times a week, and take Pilates at least three times a week. Obstacles to postings and goals are often discussed.
    29. Taming the Horse Stance : This is one of the most difficult positions required to get a black belt. Steve discusses his frustration at learning the pose, as well as other entries on karate. His last entry was on a karate comic book of interest.
    30. Black Belt Blues : Stop here to get the blog of another karate student who had to hold back on studies due to an ACL injury. An interesting choice to see how it happened, what happens after, and how to avoid it.
    31. Urban Samurai : Neil Martin used his blog to provide information on the martial arts including self defense, culture, techniques, and more. He chose to shut the blog down in February 2010 in pursuit of other goals. You can still read entries of value on many different areas of practice.

Best Karate Blogging Forums You Can Learn From

Visit these online communities to learn more karate.

    32. Kyokushi 4 Life : Visit here for a “knockdown karate community.” There are forums, blogs, articles, and much more. They also have information on dojos across the globe.
    33. All Karate Forums : Every kind of karate from Goju-Ryu to Wado-Ryu is discussed here. Join the thousands of others in learning and teaching more about the karate. The main site also has other tools you can learn from.
    34. Karate Forums : Articles, fun stuff, and photos are shared through the community here. You can also visit forums on topics such as general martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu, and philosophy. They also have a Facebook page.
    35. Traditional Japanese Karate Network : If specifically looking for a Facebook group, click here. They are associated with a number of clubs throughout Japan, Australia, the U.S., and more. There is also a main site with more.
    36. Martial Arts Curator : This is a karate forum you can learn history from. The forum is dedicated to preserving the knowledge of martial arts forms. History and background of many different forms of karate are discussed.
    37. Karate News : This community brings the latest news in karate. There is a community, forum, groups, and more. Be sure to click on the appropriate flag to read in your language.
    38. No First Attack : This family of five discovered a love of karate together. They then developed the karate form to share principles, techniques, and lessons that come with karate. They also have photos and videos to help you learn.
    39. Martial News : A community of bloggers dedicated to karate and other martial arts can be found here. Both instructors and participants write blogs. You can also get videos, news, and much more.
    40. Jissen Magazine : Not necessarily a blog but certainly a stop for anyone who wants to learn karate. The magazine is free and gives help for actual combat. The latest issue is on martial arts skepticism and much more.
    41. Articles Do Karate Blog : This blog collects articles about sport karate. Various techniques and tips are also discussed. The last entry was on precious metals and karate.

Best MMA Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From

With the rise of the UFC and similar leagues, mixed martial arts are more popular now than ever. Learn more about it in these blogs.

    42. Learn UFC : The Ultimate Fighting Championship has become one of the fastest rising sports leagues in history. In this special section, you can learn rules, styles, history, techniques, and much more. The main site also has tons of this popular sport.
    43. Sherdog : This blog closely follows the world of mixed martial arts. Several entries a day range on everything from your favorite fighters to tips. You can also get news, interviews, and a radio show.
    44. MMA Insider Blog : News, rumors, videos, and more are featured here. In addition to the blog, you can get the world rankings, a live radio show, and even chat with fighters. Be sure not to miss the forums with more.
    45. MMA Junkie : Blog entries come several times a day on the inner working of the MMA. They also have free memberships offering you to post and read forums.
    46. MMA Fighting : Most popular threads here usually deal with upcoming matches. You can choose from more well known leagues to those featured overseas. They also feature interesting videos from “Fight” magazine.
    47. MMA Mania : News, results, videos, and more are featured here. Fan posts are often and usually comment on the sport. There are also other Sports Nation blogs to read..
    48. MMA Payout : Learn the business of mixed martial arts in this blog. Payouts, bonuses, and more are discussed. A popular entry usually is on “payout perspectives.”
    49. Bloody Elbow : This blog describes itself as “pound for pound the best in mixed martial arts commentary, news, and community.” There is also many choices for fans, including the popular show “The Low Blow.”
    50. MMA Memories : Learn the history of mixed martial arts in this blog. You can choose from headlines, history, biofiles, and many others. There is even an almanac on the sport.

Remember to use caution when following any of the advice read in the above 50 best karate bloggers you can learn from. If unsure, many karate and martial arts classes will often offer the first lesson at a discounted price or even for free.