100 Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Americans continue to eat, gain more weight, and the percentage of population that is obese keeps on growing. With a health crisis looming, more and more people are fed up with waiting for the government to do something and taking matters into their own hands. This is called the Food Revolution.

No tri-corner hat or tea dumping needed, all you need to join is to reevaluate your food choices. With the help of the internet and the below 100 blogs leading the food revolution, learn more about alternative eating, organic, green, vegan, even gourmet, and many other diets, which might be just what the doctor never has to order.

Gourmet Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

You don’t have to graduate from a top chef school to learn these high brow and delicious food secrets.

    philadelphiagrubstreetcom1. David Lebovitz : He is a chef living the sweet life in one of the most gourmet cities on Earth: Paris. You don’t need to speak French to get tons of tips and ideas from this leading chef. You can also choose recipes or get information on tours.

    2. The Wednesday Chef : American chef Luisa Weiss keeps track of both her recipes and travels in this gourmet food blog. She often shares products she likes, along with the best ways to prepare them.

    3. Serious Eats : Get the low down on such high brow delicacies such as beer from this blog. Various contributors blog on all aspects of food from the gourmet to the everyday.

    4. Matt Bites : With an appearance on Martha Stewart under his belt, Matt is obsessed with food, drink, and everything in between. His well thought out blog tells you about the latest cookbooks, shares recipes, ideas, and more.

    5. Delicious Days : Headed by a German based chef, the blog gives a peek into a gourmet kitchen, innovative recipes, and more. In addition, they also bring you the latest in food news and a recipe shelf.

    6. Cannelle et Vanille : Although the title is French, a Spanish chef actually runs this blog. Those who wish to expand their sweet tooth should pay a visit or ten.

    7. Orangette : Although blog posts can be sparse, they are full of useful advice and tips. However, with entries dating back to 2004 and several recipes per post, make time for this revolutionary blog.

    8. Chez Pim : Pim quit her job in technology to start this well-received food blog. Entries focus on life and musings, as well as food.

    9. The Julie/Julia Project : Before it was a movie, Julie decided to cook all of Julia Child’s over 500 recipes in one year. See if and how she did it by reading this revolutionary food blog. Contains explicit language.

Healthy Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

These blogs focus on getting healthy through diet.

    10. Chef MD : With over 110 video recipes on healthy eating and counting, this food blog gets the top spot. Dr. Puma has loads of tasty and healthy recipes to help you no matter what your goals are. Take a look at the features, sign up for free recipe emails, or even get free customized shopping lists and plans.

    11. Chocolate & Zucchini : Clotilde Dusoulier is a Parisian woman who lives in Montmartre and shares her passion for all things food-related. The blog title emphasizes her style: the zucchini representing a focus on healthy and natural eating, while the chocolate symbolizes taste.

    12. Eat Like Me : Cristin blogs for “Self”magazine on healthy eating. Read several entries a day or check out the most viewed such as 20 superfoods for weight loss.

    13. Healthy Eating : Health.com provides this expert food blog to help you get or stay healthy. Check out top stories, get tips for eating well, healthy cooking, and other health related aspects of your life.

    14. Healthy Weight Loss Diet : Lose weight the healthy way with the help of this health food blog. They also include exercise videos and other fitness tips.

    15. Kath Eats Real Food : Kath’s love of healthy food began early. Her top categories include breakfast, dinner, desserts, and much more.

    16. Laurel on Health Food : This blog is about nutrition, healthy eating, and health food. It summarizes articles in the news, lists healthy recipes, offers tips and personal feedback on healthy eating, and reports on nutritional research.

    17. Food Curb : Learn how to avoid unhealthy foods with the help of Dr. Rosenblatt. He gives weekly tips on how to stay away from bad choices, along with what to replace them.

    18. Cholesterol Management 101 : Get a healthy food blog with a focus on heart health from this WebMD expert. Dr. Richman shows you how to diet and exercise to manage this potentially deadly condition.

Local Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Learn how to eat locally with help from near you or from across the globe.

    steamykitchencom19. Becks & Posh : Get the low down on local food from all over the globe with this traveling blogger. Although she focuses on San Francisco, food is sampled from all over the globe.

    20. The 99 Cent Chef : Don’t think you can get tasty meals for under a dollar especially in L.A.? Then check out Billy Vasquez’s revolutionary food blog. He shows you how to cook for less and find deals throughout the area.

    21. Bitten : A blogger from “The New York Times”shares the best in cuisine for that area. With restaurants in various specialties, it is a must read for those looking for a food related adventure.

    22. Diner’s Journal : Another entry from “The New York Times,”the staff actually blogs about dining out in local restaurants. Get both the best and worst of NYC by reading.

    23. Homesick Texan : A native Texan moves to New York and attempts to recreate an old-fashioned Southern diet there. Favorite recipes include biscuits, breakfast tacos, carnitas, chili, and chicken fried steak.

    24. Lucullian Delights : In another “I’m from here but eat like I’m still there”entry, this blogger is Swedish but lives in Tuscany. You can get her recipe index, as well as food between hemispheres.

    25. Cook Sister : This South African lives in London and shows how you can make local foods even if you don’t live where the dish is normally prepared. A recent entry examined a popular Haitian dish.

    26. The Kitchn : If your locality includes apartment living, this is the blog for you. Food is explained simply, yet elegantly to get the most out of your blog reading and meal times.

Organic Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Natural, whole, and chemical free foods are focused on in these blogs.

    27. Organic to Be : A variety of contributors blog on organic food. Choose from your favorite blogger or just browse recipes.

    28. Organic Authority : Laura shows you how to go organic practically and with a budget in mind. There is a recipe of the day, regularly updated posts, and more.

    29. Mighty Foods : This blog is about natural foods, organic ingredients, fair-trade products, veg-friendly recipes, sustainable farming, and so much more. Choose recommended mighty reads or the most recent entries.

    30. Calendula & Concrete : Get a look at organic gardening from this blogger in Washington, D.C. Tips on starting and maintaining your own organic garden are given.

    31. Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener : Learn how to grow and cook organically with this food blog. Sylvie gives tips on cookery, garden techniques, and much more.

    32. The Slow Cook : Ed Bruske and company engage the concerns of a hungry planet from their kitchen garden in D.C. Read the newest entry, or check out the top recipes and videos.

    33. Nourish Me : Lucy is an Australian food blogger who specializes in organic vegetarian food with an occasional piece of meat. In addition to the recipe index, she was recently named to a panel of judges for a food blog contest.

    34. Local Harvest : Organic farmers from all over post here through the Blog Barn. Read the most recent, or you can even pick by favorite blogger.

    35. Blog of Herbs and Health : Learn how growing these plants organically can help a whole host of health problems. Recent posts are on herbs for pain, healthy fats, and avoiding negative effects of herbs.

    36. Mostly Eating : Sophie is a nutritionist from Oxford where she blogs about fitting together healthy eating and sustainable food choices. The blog focuses on choosing, buying, and cooking organic and healthy foods.

Green Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Sustainable and foods with an environmental frame of mind are blogged about below.

    37. Grist : This leading environmental blog has loads on organic, sustainable, and local food. They also include recipes, along with many other green resources.

    38. Slow Food : Available in a variety of languages, this non-profit seeks to counteract fast food with green. Get the latest news, recipes, and more.

    39. Food Politics : Marion Nestle is a professor at New York University and brings you this blog. Blog posts revolve around the politics behind food and latest headlines.

    40. Eat Close to Home : Make an impact on the environment with the help of this green food blog. Top posts include how to go vegetarian for a month and basic Chinese sauce recipes.

    41. Treehugger : With a special section for food and health, this leading site is also a force in the food revolution. Articles range on everything from foodborne sickness to breeding your own bunnies.

    42. Chews Wise : This blogger “digests the sustainable food chain.” Top posts include Bluefin tuna, organic standards, and the best baguette.

    43. The Ethicurean : “Chew the right thing”with the help of this food blog. There are features, most popular entries, and even videos to help in your quest for sustainable food.

    44. Green Gourmet Giraffe : Johanna is from Australia and dreams of being a tall and graceful goddess in the kitchen. She also does it with a green frame of mind.

    45. Masters in Public Health : Get the low down on local green eating movements as well as broader health issues. Posts are sparse but still worth a look.

Vegetarian/Vegan Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Get the most out of your greens by checking out these food blogs.

    46. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen : Susan shares delicious dishes make with whole foods and low in fat. A few of her current faves include chocolate two ways cookies and veggeroni.

    47. Vegan Yum Yum : Although posts have been sparse as of late, this is still a leading blog in the food revolution. In addition to the blogger’s favorites, you can also get a useful how-to guide.

    48. Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking : You don’t have to be a gourmet or a vegetarian to appreciate this blog. It contains easy vegan recipes, cookbook reviews, and restaurant tips.

    49. The Vegan Diet : Jackie blogs from South Africa on the ideal way of life. Learn how to get a healthy weight, lower cholesterol, and more with the help of her recipes.

    50. Vegetarian Foodie : Stop here for a blog that mixes great food, wine, and family to top off your leisure. In addition to the usual food posts, there are also calls to action.

    51. The Fruit Blog : Get the low down on all the produce that grows above the Earth. Look up your favorite fruit, get tips on growing your own, and much more here.

    52. The Lazy Vegetarian : If cooking seems more trouble than it’s worth, stop here for a food blog that thinks just like you. Check out the latest post or read the “laziest”recipes on Poboys, patty melts, and Ruebens.

    53. Café Veg News : Get a different idea for a veggie lunch with the help of this vegetarian lifestyle magazine. In addition to recipes, you can also get the latest in veggie headlines.

    54. Eat’n Veg’n : Get help in both cooking and shopping with this food blog. Also a good choice for gluten free.

    55. Quarrygirl : Believing meat is murder QG takes her vegetarian food revolution to the next level. In addition to debunking fake vegetarian products, she also blogs on the vegan life in L.A.

Specialty Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

The below blogs focus on a special area of the food revolution.

    56. The Daily Raw Cafe : Get the inside scoop on how and what to prepare raw. Recipes include everything from appetizers to meats, main dishes, and even a test kitchen.

    57. Raw Food Right Now : See what the world of raw food has to offer you through this food blog. Favorite entries include free recipes, stevia, and smoothies.

    58. We Like it Raw : The last of the raw food blogs, this one actually has before and after pictures. You can also get podcasts in addition to recipes.

    59. Blue Zones Eat : Learn how to live a longer, fuller life with secrets from the Blue Zones. With a special section on eating wisely, you can get tons of tips on eating the blue way.

    60. Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes : Always wanted to join Weight Watchers but never had the funds? Then stop here to get Gina’s take for people trying to lose weight on their own.

    61. Advanced Mediterranean Diet Blog : Stop here for ruminations on weight loss, health, and longevity via the Mediterranean diet. It is outlined, analyzed, and even compared to others.

    62. Bowulf : This blogger lost weight and became a runner thanks in part to the Atkin’s diet. Videos often show recipes and techniques.

    63. Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb : Jimmy also shares his diet of cutting down on carbs. He also offers regular blog entries, as well as before and after pictures.

    64. Diet in Review : If you still haven’t found the diet for you, stop here. It reviews many of the leading diets, along with the ups and downs.

Special Diet Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

As times change, so do diets. If you have a specific need, follow the below blogs in your own food revolution.

    65. The Food Allergy Queen : With allergies to wheat, dairy, soy, rice, and others, this is the ultimate stop for someone with any kind of food allergy. Videos, recipes, and reviews are all available. You can also choose by tag.

    66. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef : Shauna and Danny have both had their lives affected by Celiac disease, an allergy to wheat. They share their story, along with food, recipes, and more on the blog.

    67. Gluten Free Goddess : Get recipes with a side of life here. Learn how to make everything from appetizers to desserts without a drop of wheat on this one blog. There are also tips for budget, substitution, and much more.

    68. Gluten Free Mommy : f your children are diagnosed with this disease, stop here. It shows you how to cook foods that kids will love.

    69. Ginger Lemon Girl : Get gluten free on the frugal from Carrie. Popular posts include chocolate chip cookies, cakes, and a master baking mix.

    70. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts : This licensed psychotherapeutic social worker coaches the food allergic community as well as consults food service organizations on food allergy management. Visit her revolutionary food blog for tips on how to enjoy meals with any allergy.

    71. Heather Strang : Stop by this blog to learn how to eat wheat free, dairy free, and low sugar. A recent entry showed how to make a wheat and dairy free pizza.

    72. Diabetes Mine : More a blog on living with the disease, it is a must read for anyone who has it or wishes to get a low sugar diet. Expert advice, recipes, and much more await you.

    73. Easy Diabetic Recipes : Stop at this blog exclusively recipes for diabetics. They include selections for breakfast, casseroles, snacks, and more.

Asian Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

Get the latest in Eastern food from these blogs.

    74. Steamy Kitchen : This blogger is a professional food columnist who specializes in easy recipes you can make at home. With a global approach to Asian food, she features such entries as chocolate wontons, along with sweet and smoky ribs.

    75. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles : Get an inside look at Chinese food with an American twist in this revolutionary blog. It is based on a popular best seller of the same name.

    76. Sticky Rice : Food news, reviews, and street foods are featured from Hanoi in this blog. Topics in the blog include Vietnam, bars, one dish wonders, and many other exotic areas.

    77. Souvlaki for the Soul : This Australian food blogger is actually of Greek descent. He blogs about both traveling and food.

    78. Rasa Malaysia : This blogger shares many Asian recipes for the novice cook. You can choose from favorites such as soy sauce chicken and sweet and sour fish, or get recipes by ingredient.

    79. Market Manila : Get all sorts of information on food in The Philippines from this blog. Categories include produce, rant & rave, dishes, and recipes.

    80. Appon’s Thai Food : A native from Thailand shows you how to make authentic Thai food in your own home. Recent entries include a sugar cane drink, chicken rice curry with coconut, and taro & onion cake.

    81. Kyoto Foodie : Learn what and where to eat for your next stay in Japan with the help of this food blog. If you can’t make it out, there are still many recipes and tips to help.

    82. Home Cooking Rocks : Connie shares this blog to show others how she cooks food with a Filipino flare. You can choose from entries such as cooking tips, in my kitchen, and short food tales.

Wine Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

What good is a food revolution without a glass of wine to go with? Check out these food blogs to get the best in wine.

    83. The Pour : Eric Asimov, chief wine critic for “The New York Times,”discusses the pleasure, culture, and business of wine, beer, and spirits. Get the best in red, white, local, and international wines by having a read.

    84. The Cellarist : Jon Bonne blogs tasting notes, musings, and other outtakes on wine and spirits for the “San Francisco Chronicle.” An excellent choice for those who enjoy California wine.

    85. Good Wine Under $20 : Love wine but hate the price? Then stop here to get delicious wines from all over the world that are priced right but still satisfy the most picky of palettes.

    86. Wine Camp Blog : From Italy, Craig takes a “points-free zone”look at wine. You can utilize the library, wine and food guide, and much more.

    87. Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France : If you can’t get to France to sample the wines first hand, stop here for the next best thing. The award winning blog is full of stories on Caviste tasting, pairing, news, and much more.

    88. Veritas in Vino : Alice blogs on her latest travels, travel, wine tips and rants in this leading wine blog. A standout feature is her quest for natural wines.

    89. Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog : This journalist has been blogging since 2001 and even categorizes posts by every country from Australia to Spain. Although a short blog, there are still loads to explore.

    90. Dr. Vino : Get wine talk that goes down easy from this blog. It includes wine maps, policies, and more.

    91. Captain Tumor Man : Before he was a cancer survivor, Joel was a wine expert with a leading blog. Get inspiration along with loads on wine in one blog.

Comprehensive Blogs Leading the Food Revolution

If the above don’t do it for you, check out these blogs with tons of everything on food.

    92. Food Network : If you don’t get this cable channel, you can still take advantage of all the resources the website has to offer. Quick & Easy Meals, Healthy Eating, and Chef Recipes name just a few. With daily ideas, a recipe generator, and more, be sure to stop here first to get loads of help in the food revolution.

    93. Food Buzz : This revolutionary food community contains a flavor of the month, daily special, and loads more. Be sure to check out the daily top nine to find something new and innovative to make each and every day.

    94. Alltop : This leading site gathers the best in blog headlines to one convenient place. Get the latest news and entries in some familiar and obscure food blogs.

    95. 101 Cookbooks : Heidi Swanson keeps this blog as a recipe journal and truly has over 100 cookbooks to her credit. Stop by for tons of recipes and ideas in all areas.

    96. Recipe Zaar : Visit here to get a profile of the Chef of the Day. You can also get the Recipe of the Day, get online cookbooks, top recipes, and much more. The online community is also worth a look.

    97. All Recipes : Like the title promises, get a recipe for just about every dish or food imaginable. They also have favorite photos of food, weekly recommendations, and a personal recipe box.

    98. Chow : The Chowhound feature of the site stands out for its impressive recipes. You can also get tips on local restaurants, videos, blogs, and much more.

    99. Super Size Me : We’ve all heard of the now infamous documentary of a man who ate only McDonald’s food for a month. Now watch it again or for the first time at no charge on Hulu.

    100. Cake Wrecks : Finally, if you don’t feel your cooking is as good as it should be, visit here. This blog contains the worst in cakes that didn’t make the cut.

Whether looking to expand your pallet, consciousness, or just get something to cook for dinner, there is loads of help on the above 100 blogs leading the food revolution. Be sure to consult with a licensed physician before beginning any diet plan.