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Becoming a physical therapist assistant requires a certificate from an accredited physical therapy assisting school. Increasingly, students are obtaining their degree online because of the flexibility and affordability online schools offer. Students could now continue to work and go to school at the same time, on their own schedule, without having to sacrifice the quality of their education.

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Physical Therapy Assistant Schools: Search Online Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

What Types of Physical Therapy Assistant Degrees and Certifications Exist?

These degree and training programs will prepare you for a career as a physical therapist assistant.

  • Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assisting: Get a well-rounded introductory education in general academics and the fundamentals of physical therapy in an AS program. These physical therapist assistant training programs may last around two years and will teach you about pain management, mobility, working with patients who suffer from diseases or who are recovering from accidents, and working with physical therapy equipment.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health: To build up a solid foundation of general health care systems and practices, an allied health degree can be beneficial. These 12-24 month programs will prepare you for entry-level work in a medical facility and provide a base for more focused study as a physical therapist assistant.
  • Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Health: If you have already earned a degree and worked as a physical therapist assistant, going back to school to get a graduate certificate in a niche area of the industry can open up new opportunities. A geriatric health certificate will train you to work with senior patients more effectively.
  • Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant: OTA schools train students to work with patients who have cognitive and physical impairments. You will gain a broader range of skills than if you had attended a physical therapy assistant school and will qualify for entry-level OTA work.

What Are Popular Online Physical Therapy Assistant Colleges?

Below you will find examples of education and online physical therapy assistant schools that prepare students for work as PTAs.

  1. Penn Foster Career School: Online

    Physical Therapy Aide

    : The demand for trained physical therapy aides is expected to skyrocket through 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Take advantage of this explosive growth with online training from Penn Foster Career School. You can earn a Physical Therapy Aide Career Diploma in as little as four months. Our program covers everything you need to know physical disorders, treatments, exercise and mobility training, and much more. Penn Foster has been training adults for new careers since 1890, so it's a proven fact, a Penn Foster education works! Discover what it will do for you.
  2. Keiser University Online: Online

    Associate of Science in Medical Assisting

    : Keiser's AS Medical Assisting program teaches students skills in administrative and clinical medical assisting, so they develop skills in giving injections, performing venipuncture, assisting during minor surgical procedures, taking vital signs, scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and working with insurance companies, all of which is helpful if you want to become a physical therapist assistant. The program requires students to complete 60.5 credit hours, including major courses in anatomy, radiography, medical terminology and lab procedures.
  3. Herzing College: Online

    Associate of Science in Medical Assisting

    : This online physical therapist assistant degree program introduces students to the basics of health care, while providing them with a foundation for more advanced and more focused study. Students who wish to pursue a physical therapy assistant career can begin their training with this 65-credit online program, which includes general education courses and teaches skills in managing patient records, filling out insurance forms, taking vital signs, sterilizing medical equipment, and more.

What is the Average Salary of a Physical Therapist Assistant?

A qualified, educated professional who has attended physical therapist assistant school can expect to make a salary between $33,840 and $49,010. The salary of a physical therapist assistant who works in a home health care services environment can make an average of $46,390, while those who work in nursing care facilities can make $44,460, and PTAs employed in general medical hospitals earn around $40,670.

Resources to Read When Choosing a Physical Therapist Assistant School

Continue learning about what it takes to become a physical therapist assistant by reviewing these resources.

  • Physical Therapist Assistants and Aids: Learn about the training you need to become a physical therapist assistant in this overview from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. The guide also publishes statistics for job outlook, salary averages and the nature of the job.
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA): Visit the APTA website to learn about physical therapy assistant schools, the nature of the industry, salary information, and more. The site also features a job bank, resources for professionals, and a career planning center.
  • Physical Therapy: Get a history of physical therapy and learn all about the different concentrations in the field by reading this guide. Before enrolling in a physical therapist assistant degree program, make sure you are completely committed to the field and are comfortable working with patients who suffer from painful conditions and diseases.
  • Pima Medical Institute Physical Therapist Assistant: Besides sharing information about their physical therapist school, PMI's page gives a thorough overview of the kinds of skills you'll need to become a PTA; the classes you'll take in a training program; and the kind of work you'll be prepared for after graduating from a similar program.